Bitters Making

Bitters Making

Bitters Making Workshop
Sunday, November 16, 2014, 2-4pm
Spice Station Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA

Think bitters are mysterious? They don’t have to be! Learn how to make and use your own bitters in this hands-on, demystifying workshop.

Class will begin with a brief history of bitters, followed by tastings so you can learn how to use bitters in cocktails, as herbal digestifs, and even in cooking. Yes, that means cocktails will be served!

You will learn basic formulas, tools, and processes for making bitters from botanicals like orange peels and coffee beans, wormwood and dragon’s blood. Then craft a batch of versatile citrus bitters plus your own unique blend of bitters to take home. All supplies and a recipe handout included.

As a bonus, participants will also receive a 10% discount at Spice Station on the day of the class.

Age 21 and over. All ticket sales final.

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What I’ve been reading, mixing, and listening to…

Australia’s Bush Is Coming to Your Cocktail – Munchies

It’s a blind taste test and you have to identify coriander, mint, thyme and basil. Pretty confident, right? But what if the line up included pepperberry, akudjura, wattleseed and boobialla?

California Foraging: 3 species you didn’t know were edible – Timber Press

Made into a tea, the curling red bark of madrone has an indescribable many-layered taste, with woodsy overtones of fruit and cinnamon.

Healthy Immunity with Herbal Medicine: by Guido Masé – Urban Moonshine/Soundcloud

Herbalists have been employing roots and mushrooms for centuries to communicate with the cells that make up our immune systems. Listen to stories of botanical immunomodulants like astragalus, reishi, burdock, larch, licorice, and pine. Support great winter health!

Herbal archaeology roundup – Worts & All

At the site of a former German beer garden in New York’s Lower East Side, archaeologists recovered glass bottles labelled “Elixir of Long Life” and “Dr. Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters.” The archaeologists wanted to taste these blends for themselves.

The Mead You Need – Modern Farmer

A caveman is out scavenging for sustenance. He stumbles across a rotted, toppled-down tree with a beehive nestled in one of its branches. Oozing out from the hive and into the mud is a clouded golden mixture of honey and rainwater. As the caveman sips delightfully, he grows tipsy.

Sunset Scavenger Hunt – Imbibe

This bold cocktail pairs an unusual spicy persimmon shrub with aquavit, two kinds of bitters and a dose of tequila for good measure. Larry Piaskowy, The Alembic, San Francisco

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Fall Preserving

Fall Preserving

This workshop is not strictly drinks related, but we will explore some seasonal liqueurs and cordials in addition to making delicious autumn preserves!

Fall Preserving Workshop
Sunday, October 26, 2014, 2-5pm
Communal, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to make all-natural preserves from luscious fall fruits and spices. You’ll roll up your sleeves, chop, stir, and make a jar each of pear jam and apple chutney to take home along with a recipe sheet.

We’ll discuss how to choose the most flavorful ingredients, how to make preserves without added pectin, how to safely can foods using the boiling water bath method, and any other questions you have about canning.

An afternoon of creative work and good company is not complete without refreshments, so we will provide delicious drinks and snacks. In addition, Emily will demonstrate (with tastings!) how to make liqueurs and cordials from seasonal fruits such as pears, persimmons, plums, and pomegranates.

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