Silver Lake Plant Walk: 3.1.15

Silver Lake Salad

Silver Lake Plant Walk
Sunday, March 1, 3-5pm
Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA

Recent rains have brought an abundance of edible and medicinal weeds to our urban environment! On this plant walk – dubbed the “Silver Lake Salad Tour” – I will guide you through some secret stairs and wild pockets of Silver Lake. Along the way you will learn how to identify, wildcraft, and use many wonderful plants. We will end the walk with an amazing view, a nibble of our foraged salads, and a refreshing wild drink.

Limited to 15 people. We will meet in front of the Silver Lake Library and walk an approximately 2.5-mile loop with stairs. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a small bowl for collecting your salad and a fork. You may also wish to bring water, camera/phone, and notebook.

Secure your spot: Silver Lake Plant Walk

Silver Lake Plant Walk

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(Above) What the heck is mead? – Cooking Up a Story

Art in a Whisky Glass, Neatly Explained – Kenneth Chang at New York Times

Mr. Button was about to wash the glass when he noticed that leftover drops of Scotch had dried into a chalky but unexpectedly beautiful film.

The Carrot Family – Mark Williams at The Botanist

If I were forced to choose only one plant family to rely on for food and flavour it would be the carrot family.

A colonial-era drink called switchel is making a 21st century comeback – Deena Prichep at PRI

Vinegar-based drinks may sound a bit unusual to modern palates, but they were actually pretty common in centuries past.

Our Ability To Digest Alcohol May Have Been Key To Our Survival – Eliza Barclay at NPR

There are hypotheses that the reason humans consume ethanol is because of our recent transition to farming, and how we learned how to ferment grains or fruit, maybe because we wanted to escape consciousness. But my study shows that maybe it has its roots in our ancient history as [fruit eaters].

A Dram of Bitters – A Radicle

And isn’t it curious that, at these times, we as humans have turned to bitter herbs? Bitters are endemic. They are a part of us, as surely as we are a part of this green world.

Have a marvelous weekend!

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Cookbook testing and writing continues at full speed! Because it can be such intense work, I’ve been making an effort to take little moments to stop, breathe, and express my gratitude — for the plants, for my ability to do this work, and for all of you. I am immensely grateful to my readers, students, teachers, recipe testers, and pep talk givers. Thank you.

Some good reads this week…

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Chai is delicious and warming, and good for the digestion because of all the carminative spices–but the best thing about it is that it accommodates the addition of your own favorite medicinal herbs.

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While we are seeing an increasing infatuation with the bitter taste here in the US (with herbalists and bartenders and chefs), France never lost its love of bitters and numerous bitter drinks are still a daily part of the French life.

How Booze Edged Its Way into Holistic Living – Echo Thomas at Punch

Wellness extremists and hardcore boozers don’t always keep the same hours or frequent the same haunts. But as the craft cocktail and healthy living movements become ever more mainstream, their target audiences have begun to merge.

Pukka Herbs, FairWild, And Sustainable Sourcing – Ann Armbrecht at Numen

If the industry is demanding cheap herbs, like our food industry, and the wild-harvesters need to earn more money, then they need to harvest more. And that doesn’t serve the planet very well because this means people tend to over harvest

A Winter Pear Cocktail – Elana Lepowski at Imbibe

This balanced cocktail seamlessly melds floral, fruity Asian pear and the warm spice of cardamom with the bold combo of vodka and Douglas fir eau de vie. At once light, crisp and strong, it sips like a ray of sharp winter sun.

Have a marvelous weekend!