Cherry-Balsamic Shrub

Cherry Balsamic ShrubCherry season is fading fast, but there’s still a little time to capture summer in a bottle and make a cherry shrub. This shrub is particularly luxurious, combining sweet cherries with balsamic vinegar, vanilla, and a hint of maple syrup.

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Borage Fizz

Borage FizzBorage flowers, according to sixteenth-century herbalist John Gerard, “exhilarate and make the minde glad.” One look at the vivid, star-shaped blue flowers and I tend to agree. Gerard wrote that a syrup of the flowers could “comforteth the heart” and “purgeth melancholy.” It also captures the plant’s lovely cucumber flavor. So we have gorgeous edible flowers, cucumber-flavored syrup … a cocktail can’t be far behind!

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Flowering Thyme Liqueur

Flowering Thyme LiqueurThyme blooms in spring and summer, its tiny flowers offering a sweet scent and flavor that is more delicate than the leaves. You can eat the flowers, as well as turn them into an aromatic, golden liqueur. Liqueur de thym or farigoule is traditional to the south of France, where it is served as a digestif and also used to relieve sore throats and congested coughs.

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